Healthcare Franchise

About Haad Al Hijama

The journey of Haad began by Miss Zulekha, visualized and ‘Pioneered the wellness in India’ and eventually ventured into the profession of Health, from (2003). Currently, Haad operates at Two outlets spread across India.

Haad  is that the solely brand dedicated to offer Best Hijama, Skin, Hair and Cupping Training, based on customers wish under one roof.

Why do you have to Become A Haad Investor?

  • Investor owned & Company Operated Haad (Investment solely option)
  • Investment: 60L
  • Tenure: 84 Months
  • 15% Annual return
  • Regular EMI’s

Benefits of Investing with Haad Al Hijama?

  • India’s Leading Chain of Hijama, 16+ years brand expertise
  • Only player with avid Cupping therapies

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Franchise owned & company operated model hijama
Franchise owned & company operated model hijama